Adventurous Activity Permits / Training

The information shown here is intended to help Adults who wish to apply or renew their Scout Activity Permit.

Activity permits are required for some of the more adventurous activities we undertake in Scouting. If an activity states it requires a permit, then you will need to obtain a permit, even if you hold the relevant National Governing Body (NGB) qualification.

Click this link to see a list of permitted activities as stated in POR. 
Please click here to apply for or renew your activity permit. 

Click this link to see the A-Z list of activities. This includes all information related to each activity.  

Click here to view Scout HQ information relating to the permit scheme.

Click this link to view applicants guide information.

Permit Application Process

Below are the key steps that your Permit Application will need to complete. This information is intended to help you better understand the process. 

Step Number Action Link
Step 1 Complete and submit a permit application using our online system. Click here to start application
Step 2 If your application is accepted, you receive an email to confirm your application reference number. 
Reply to this email and add attachments of certificates of training or appropriate logbooks showing your recent experiances. 
Click here to email MAPS.
Step 3

MAPS will perform the following checks: Safeguarding and DBS are both in date and valid and that the Applicant holds a full role.
The application will be "held" pending successful resolution of any issue.  

Step 4 MAPS will then forward the Application to the relevant Activity Assessor(s). This may be an external assessor or an assessor from another county.  
Step 5 Assessor makes contact with the applicant and arranges for a suitable date for the assessment (which may include a training session).  
Step 6 During the assessment, the assessor can agree details such as terrain, class of water or classification that the permit will cover. This will be linked to the applicants current experience levels.  
Step 7 Following a successful assessment, the assessor recommends the permit on Compass, detailing any additional restrictions. Assessor should attach the completed checklist to the email that confirms they have approved the application.  
Step 8 To recommend a permit, log into Compass in your assessor role. Search for the applicant using the magnifying glass. Use the permits tab and click 'recommend'. Tick technical competence and Scout Association rules adding restrictions in the boxes alongside. Then select a granting Commissioner. This should usually be the applicants DC.  
Step 9 DC/CC receives a Compass notification and they make the final decision on if the permit is granted or rejected. They may need to contact the applicants GSL, Team Leader or the assessor if they do not know the applicant. If they are unaware of the permit application, they should contact MAPS for verification.  
Step 10 To grant or reject a permit, log into Compass in your DC/CC Role. Search for the applicant using the magnifying glass. Use the Permits tab and click 'update' on the permit. Tick Safeguarding and Personal Suitability adding restrictions in the boxes alongside. Transfer all restrictions into the restrictions box. Click Save/Grant or Save/Reject.  
Step 11 Applicant and assessor are then automatically notified by Compass.  

Contact and frequently asked questions

Question Answer
How can I contact the Manager of Activity Permits (MAPs)?

Click here to contact the MAPS.

Who can I contact within County if I have a technical question about an activity or I would like to get involved with one of the SASU's? Click here to contact the ACC Activities. He / She will advise you on the best person(s) to contact. 
How long does it take to process a permit application? Each permit application will be processed as quickly as possible. But I'm afraid there is no commitment to complete an application within a fixed time scale. If you feel you have waited too long, contact your line Manager or MAPS and request an update on progress.
Once I have submitted my permit application, I'm I OK to run my activity? Very simply, no. Scouting POR is very clear on this. Permits are only valid once they show in Compass. If you do not have the permit, then you are not allowed to organise that permitted activity. 
I volunteer alongside a County assessor. Can they simply do my assessment? Yes, but the whole process shown above, must be followed.
I'm an Occasional Helper within my child's group and I'd like to use my skills (e.g. climbing) to take the section out. Is this possible? You first need to obtain a permit but like any other Scouting member, you can apply for a permit. You may have to complete some other training.
Note: Not all roles in Scouting can have a permit assigned to them. You will need to hold a correct role to hold a permit.

Activity Training

If you require training for any activity, please contact the County advisor for that activity. County Advisors are listed under each activity. Select the activity you are looking for and you will find the county advisor for that activity. Use the contact link to send them an email and they will advise you how best to proceed. 

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