What does Crossbow offer

The information listed here is intended to help Leaders who would like to arrange Crossbow for their section. It also has information for Leaders/Adults who would like to get involved with this activity. 

Crossbow shooting combines skills from archery and rifle shooting. You shoot bolts, which are like shorter versions of the arrows used in archery. Crossbows use a trigger to shoot the bolts, a bit like in rifle or pistol shooting. You shoot at a target, usually ranging from 8 to 20 metres away however for competition shooting this can be extended.

Crossbow shooting can be provided for most Scouting sections. See full list of sections and any restrictions for this activity, at the end of this page. Crossbow shooting is a fully inclusive activity and it can be enjoyed by everyone with no need for prior experience. It is very helpful for the instructors to know in advance, if anyone in the group has any additional needs. This really helps the instructors and ensures they are better prepared to deliver your activity session. Practical session contains the following elements:
• Safety briefing
• Demonstration on how to shoot
• Practical shooting
• Throughout the session, coaching and advice will be offered to improve participants enjoyment

We can also offer pure theory sessions as part of the Master at Arms badge.

Be Prepared for Crossbow

Anyone under the age of 18 will need consent from their parents or carers before they take part in this. To help you prepare for this activity, here is a short list of things you may need to bring/wear or prepare for, before you turn up for your activity:
• Whether this activity is indoors or outdoors make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather and that time of year.
• Long hair must be tied back whilst on the range.
• Footwear must fully cover the foot, no opened toed shoes (Crocs, sandals, etc.), and no wellies.

Crossbow Location and Costs

Just like Archery and Air Rifle shooting we required a dedicated shooting range to perform this activity. We are able to offer a mobile facility to set up a range and shoot at a suitable venue anywhere within the county. The venue will have to be approved by the Derbyshire Crossbow Shooting SASU, however we do recommend using one of the county campsites as they have dedicated ranges. 

For a full quote and discussion about ranges then click here to contact the SASU team where a member will then be in contact.

Contact and frequently asked questions

Question Answer
How can I arrange Crossbow for my section? How do I book this?

Bookings are currently made by getting in touch with the Crossbow Shooting SASU. Click here to send then a message.

How do I contact the Crossbow SASU to ask them any questions or ask how I can get involved? Click here to contact the Crossbow SASU
I've got a technical question about Crossbow, who should I contact for advice and support? Click here to contact the County Crossbow advisor. They will be able to help you with any technical or Scouting related questions.
Where can I find out the current fact sheets and Scouting policies, relating to Crossbow? Scouting UK has published lots of useful information.
Click here to see the latest POR and Factsheets, relating to Crossbow (note this activity is covered by rules covering shooting).
Alternatively, click here for the full list of Activities and select the one you would like.
As Leader, what should I expect when my section performs this activity and what badges can this activity count towards?

Scouts has provided a useful overview of what you can expect and what badges this activity covers. Click here to view this information.

What is the National Governing Body (NGB) for Crossbow?

Crossbow has one NGB's. National Smallbore Rifle Association

Events Crossbow Team supports

We are a very recently formed SASU and have not yet supported any events. We are looking forward to being able to support events in the future. 

Additional Information

Matt BakerCrossbow Team

Sections supported

Crossbow shooting is not suitable for beavers due to the weight of the crossbows.
The pack must provide either an adult or young leader to look after at least two lanes each. In addition, the pack must provide enough leaders to control the Cubs who are not shooting. Suggested group size should not exceed 16 Cubs and the session should not last more than one hour, unless agreed beforehand.
The troop must provide enough leaders to control the Scouts who are not shooting. Suggested group size should not exceed 24 Scouts and the session should not last more than two hours, unless agreed beforehand.
The troop must provide enough leaders to control the Explorers who are not shooting. Suggested group size should not exceed 24 Explorers and the session should not last more than two hours, unless agreed beforehand.
Adults / Leaders