What does Biking offer

The information listed here is intended to help Leaders who would like to arrange Biking for their section. It also has information for Leaders/Adults who would like to get involved with this activity. 

Made up of Explorers, Network Members and Leaders from around Derbyshire, the Bike Active Support Unit is a team of experienced cyclists offering a range of bike related activities for members aged 8 and upwards. The team offers day long sessions covering a range of cycling activities which can give young people more confidence and inspire them to ride bigger and more challenging routes. With safety equipment and a selection of bikes available, the sessions can make full use of the exciting new mountain bike track located at Drum Hill Campsite or come directly to you.


Each session contains the following elements:
• Safety and Maintenance Sessions
• Mountain Bike Coaching
• Guided Rides

Activity Badges
Our Biking team can also support the requirements of the Cub, Scout and Explorer Cycling related Activity Badges.

Be Prepared for Biking

To help you prepare for this activity, here is a short list of things you may need to bring/wear or prepare for, before you turn up for your activity:
• Scouting is an outdoor organisation. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for that time of year.
• Please confirm when booking, any specific items you will need to bring with you for this activity.

Biking Location and Costs

We have a number of bikes together with safety equipment, that we use for cycling. We also have a trailer that allows us to be a mobile SASU. This means we can move around the County and attend your district or group events. 
Use the contact Biking team link below to enquire about costs for a biking event.  

Contact and frequently asked questions


Question Answer
How can I arrange Biking for my section? How do I book this? Click here to contact the Biking team bookings coordinator.
How do I contact the Biking SASU to ask them any questions or ask how I can get involved? Click here to contact the Biking SASU
I've got a technical question about Biking, who should I contact for advice and support? Click here to contact the County Biking advisor. They will be able to help you with any technical or Scouting related questions.
Where can I find out the current fact sheets and Scouting policies, relating to Biking? Scouting UK has published lots of useful information, which is categorised into different type of biking.
Click here to see the latest POR and Factsheets, relating to Road Cycling.
Click here to see the latest POR and Factsheets, relating to Mountain Biking/Off-road cycling.
Alternatively click here for the full list of Activities and select the one you would like.
As a Leader, what should I expect when my section performs this activity and what badges can this activity count towards?

Scouts has provided a number of useful overviews of what you can expect and what badges this activity covers.
Click here to view information relating to mountain biking.
Click here to view information relating to off road cycling.
Click here to view information relating to road cycling.

What is the National Governing Body (NGB) for Biking?

British Cycling. Click here to visit their web site.

Events Biking Team supports

Peak Camp
Spring Bank Camp

Additional Information

Click here for instructors chat room. NOTE: this is a closed group, if you a not a member of the group, you will not be able to view this content.

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Sections supported

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