What does Fencing offer

The information listed here is intended to help Leaders who would like to arrange Fencing for their section. It also has information for Leaders/Adults who would like to get involved with Fencing. 

Derbyshire Fencing SASU offers you and your young people a chance to try fencing. Fencing is a mobile activity and we will visit your group in the county. We have a team of keen instructors that offers you a chance to try this less known sport. We can provide whole day, part-day or evening session. This can be for a large District/Group event or just your regular sectional meeting. 

A typical Fencing session will include:

• safe handling of the equipment and how to undertake Fencing safely
• basic stance and how to move around when Fencing
• introduction to Fencing etiquette and fitness

Be Prepared for Fencing

To help you prepare for this activity, here is a short list of things you may need to bring/wear or prepare for, before you turn up for your activity:
• Scouting is an outdoor organisation. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for that time of year.
• Specifically, for Fencing, it's strongly recommended that you wear a long sleeved top.
• Long hair should be tied back.
• Wear comfortable shoes, with a flat sole (no high heels)
• Remember to bring a drink to keep well hydrated

Fencing Location and Costs

There is a minimum cost for this activity of £50.00. For larger groups, the cost is £3.00 per person. If you book this activity for 10 people, then the cost would be £50.00 (the minimum cost). However, if you book for 20 people, then the cost would be £60.00 (£3.00 X 20).
Charges cover any consumable items and any travel expenses. Please contact us (see link below) with your specific requirements and we will provide you with a quote.   

Contact and frequently asked questions

Question Answer
How can I arrange Fencing for my section? How do I book this?

Click here to contact the Fencing team and ask them how to book a session.

How can I get involved and help in this SASU? Click here to contact the Fencing SASU.
I've got a technical question about Fencing, who should I contact for advice and support? Click here to contact the County Fencing advisor. They will be able to help you with any technical or Scouting related questions.
Where can I find out the current fact sheets and Scouting policies, relating to Fencing? Scouting UK has published lots of useful information.
Click here to see the latest POR and factsheets, relating to Fencing.
Alternatively click here for the full list of Activities and select the one you would like.
As a Leader, what should I expect when my section performs this activity and what badges can this activity count towards?

Scouts has provided a useful overview of what you can expect and what badges this activity can cover. Click here for this information.

What is the National Governing Body (NGB) for Fencing?

British Fencing. Click here to visit their web site.

Events Fencing Team supports

Peak Camp
Spring Bank Camp

Additional Information

Click here for images and reviews from recent fencing sessions.

Jon CantrillFencing Team

Sections supported

Restricted to use plastic equipment
Restricted to use plastic equipment
Must complete two session using plastic equipment before moving to steel equipment
Must complete one session using plastic equipment before moving to steel equipment
Must complete one session using plastic equipment before moving to steel equipment
Adults / LeadersMust complete one session using plastic equipment before moving to steel equipment