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Welcome to the Awards Section for Derbyshire Scouts

It is here to help you with information and to support the process.

This part of the website is controlled by the Awards Coordinator, whose role it is to help the District Commissioner in your area, and the County Commissioner for Derbyshire, to complete successful applications for Derbyshire Scouting personnel who may be eligible for a Scout Association Award.

All members of the Association whether uniformed or not, may be eligible for an award at sometime. However there are a set of strict Rules which must be followed.

The Scout Association works with a set of rules called "Policy, Organisation & Rules". This information can be found via three routes:

  • The Scout Association POR website should always be the latest version
  • All District Commissioner's will have a current copy of the Policy, Organisation & Rules.
  • Your Group Scout Leader may have a copy of the Rules.

No Award can be sent to Headquarters without the County Commissioner's approval. Prior to this though, District Commissioners will need to be consulted as their approval will also be required. County Staff and County Team Members should speak to the County Commissioner or the Awards Coordinator in the first instance.

A document for District Commissioners to record the supporting information, can be downloaded here.

It is not the role of the Awards Coordinator to be judgemental in the applicants nomination - the coordinators role is to help the District Commissioners and County Commissioner (where required / requested) to complete the form correctly, and forward it to the Headquarters Award Board - once the CC has signed the nomination form.

The County Commissioners role is only advisory in nature, since the Associations awards are administered nationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q My Scouting service is not continuous
  • A Providing you fulfil the time based periods, and Headquarters should have this information on record, then you may be eligible for recognition - speak to your District Commissioner first who has access to the nominee's Record of Service.
  • Q Some of my service was outside of Derbyshire
  • A Your service can be outside the County - providing you fulfil the national requirements. - Speak to your District Commissioner first who has access to your personal Scouting Record Service.
  • Q I am not a uniformed member of the Association / I used to to be a uniformed member of the Association, but I am not now.
  • A Speak to your District Commissioner first who has access to your personal Scouting Record Service.
  • Q How long does the process take?
  • A Usually a minimum of three months. More than often, longer.
  • Q The nominee has fulfilled the time based criteria and have not received anything.
  • A The time based awards are a recommendation only and do not mean an automatic right - speak to your District Commissioner first who has access to your personal Scouting Record Service.
  • Q The District Commissioner is mentioned in all the answers above, is this the way forward?
  • A YES!
  • Q Can I recommend someone else for an Award?
  • A YES! - Speak to your District Commissioner first who has access to your colleagues personal Scouting Record Service. Please note that you will not have access to this information!
  • Q Can I nominate myself?
  • A No
  • Q Where do I get an Award Application Form?
  • A You guessed it! The District Commissioner for District personnel, and the County Commissioner or the Awards Coordinator for Country personnel.
  • Q Where can District Commissioners obtain application forms?
  • A The HQ Applications form may be downloaded from Scoutbase. The Supporting Pro forma may be downloaded here, or by contacting the Awards Coordinator

Under no circumstances should any nominee be informed that an award application has been submitted prior to the County Commissioner giving the good news of the outcome!

St. Georges Day Awards

Each Year on 23rd April, the Scout Association have an Annual Award; the "St. George's Day Awards".
These Awards can be The Silver Acorn, the Bar to the Silver Acorn or the Silver Wolf.

The requirements for these awards can be found in Policy, Organisation & Rules of the Scout Association on the Headquarters web site address.

The Awards have to be at Headquarters by 31st July before the award is to be given.
The County Commissioner and the relevant District Commissioner must support these nominations.
These Awards are sent in by the County only.

Considerable work must be done prior to the 31st July to ensure that the nominations are to the correct standard.

District Commissioners are requested to commence the draft documentation from early April the year before.
Completing the supporting proforma document, downloadable here, completely will help speed up the awards process.
Support from the Awards Coordinator will be there provided the request is not left too late; other District Commissioners may very well be requiring support in completing their own nominations.

Please book the Awards Coordinator in advance if you require administrational support.
They can only help you if you plan ahead.

Cornwell Scout Badge

Awards for Gallantry

Awards for Meritorious Conduct

Nominations for these Awards must comply with the Policy, Organisation & Rules of the Scout Association.

Names may be submitted to the District Commissioner and / or the County Commissioner.
Names must be approved by the County Commissioner prior to the completion of documentation.

There is provision to fast-track these awards in special circumstance.
Full Support will be given priority by the Awards Coordinator to the relevant Commissioner and may override normal procedures.

Ros HeydonAwards Coordinator