Welcome to the Awards Section for Derbyshire Scouts

The information here is intended to support the completion of successful applications for members who may be eligible for a Good Service Award or Meritorious/Gallantry Awards. In Scouting we have Awards to recognise the amazing work our volunteers do and there are different Awards to celebrate volunteers throughout their time in Scouting.

Good Service Awards and the criteria for nomination

The Good Service Awards are open to any adult who holds an adult appointment as a member of Scouting. To be awarded a Good Service Award the nominee must meet the following criteria which applies to all awards:

The decision for nominations for Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service and Award for Merit can be made by a District Local Awards Advisory Group and the District Commissioner. Bar to Award for Merit, Silver Acorn, Bar to Silver Acorn and Silver Wolf will be made by the County Awards Advisory Group in agreement with the District Commissioner and County Commissioner before being submitted to Headquarters. County Team members should contact the County Commissioner or the Awards Advisory Group for support and to make any recommendations. All nominations in should be made on the appropriate application form

There are four cut-off dates per year for the notification of awards approved by Commissioners, together with nominations for any awards to be considered by the National Awards Advisory Group. Details of the dates can be found on Headquarters website. In addition to these Awards, District Commissioners are now able to issue and present the Commissioners Commendation Award. The certificates are on the Brand Centre and can be purchased from Scout Stores along with the badges.

I would like to nominate someone for a Good Service Award, what do I do?

Anyone can nominate any adult member for a Good Service Award, as the awards are progressive there are different methods to nominate someone depending on the previous awards they have been presented with, and the service they have given. It is advisable to check that they have met the criteria found on the application form and then contacting the nominee's Commissioner or the County Awards Advisory Group for support.

In the case of Meritorious/Gallantry Awards, any child or adult can be nominated on the appropriate application form and then contact the nominee's Commissioner or the County Awards Advisory Group for support.

Other awards

Cornwell Scout Badge, Awards for Gallantry, Awards for Meritorious Conduct

Nominations for these Awards must be:

All Silver Wolf, Bar to Silver Acorn, Silver Acorn, Gallantry, Meritorious Conduct and Cornwell Scout Badge recipients approved during the calendar year (January - December) will be invited to Windsor for a day of Celebration the following calendar year. There is provision to fast-track Awards in special circumstances. Full Support and priority given by the Awards Advisory Group to override normal procedures.

Under no circumstances should any nominee be informed that an award application has been submitted prior to the County / District Commissioner giving the good news of the outcome!

Contacting the team

If you need to contact the team, please use the Contact Us page.
In particular, if you know of anybody under the age of 25 years who would be interested in joining the CAAG, please get in touch.

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