What is Scouting?

The Scout Section is for young people, aged between 10½ and 14 years.

As members of a Scout Troop, they usually meet once a week with other outdoor activities arranged at weekends and other times during the year. Scouts are encouraged to take part in an awards scheme through a number of challenges leading up to the Chief Scout's Gold Award, the highest award available in the age group.

If you would like to know more about the fun, challenge and adventure of becoming a Scout - just contact the Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) for the Scout Section, who will be pleased to give you details of Troops near you.
The ACC (Scouts) can be contacted by using the Contact Form on the website.

Each Scout Troop has its own leadership team who usually meet together with other Troops from their District to coordinate local activities. As a County, the ACC (Scouts) holds regular meetings with the Assistant District Commissioners (ADCs) from each District within Derbyshire. They get together to coordinate events and share best practice.

Working together in this way helps us to deliver a quality programme, which is challenging, relevant and rewarding and creates a platform for sharing new ideas. Sample programmes can be found in the Scouts downloads Programme Plans folder

We publish our County Calendar of events following the meeting and this is then updated accordingly.

Colin NewtonACC Scouts

Activities & events

Chilly Challenge 2021

Chilly Challenge is back for its 11th year and this year it’s a bit different. All you need to do to achieve the badge is camp out for one night only in January (but you can camp out for longer if you want!)

Because of the current Government guidelines around social distancing, you must camp in your garden on your own unless you can persuade one of your family to join you – is your dad brave enough!? Anyone who camps with you can have a badge. It’s open to anyone except, unfortunately, anyone younger than Scout age.

Why not have a Troop activity during the day and then go home to camp?

Take a photograph of your camp for your Scout Leader so he can approve your badge. The really good photographs; the funny ones, the really interesting ones or the most imaginative camps will be entered into a competition and put onto the Derbyshire Scouts website for others to look at. The winner will get their badge for free and another surprise prize.

Don't forget that the 2020 badge needs to come off uniform and then the 2021 badge can be worn for the rest of the year, on the left above your pocket.

Scout Leaders can get in touch with your ADC Scouts or Colin Newton (ACC Scouts) to find out how to order badges

Scouts Awards Presentation 2020

The Scouts award presentations at the Winding Wheel this year saw not only another great turnout of Scouts receiving recognition of achieving the Gold Chief Scouts Award but also Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards, a Gold Dragon Award and a Chief Scouts Personal Award. In all nearly 140 Scouts from 12 of our 15 Districts have achieved awards.

Certificates were presented this year by David Coleman, Vice President of the Derbyshire Scouts Association and Lord Burlington, High Sheriff of Derbyshire. David Coleman praised the Scouts achievement and spoke of the confidence they had gained during working towards the award, and how that confidence would be useful in their futures.

We had an excellent presentation from one of the Jamboree Units about the World Jamboree in North America in the summer, encouraging others to seize the opportunity apply for the next Jamboree in South Korea.

It was really good to see so many of our Scouts from right across the County gain their awards - well done to all - they are a credit to their Troops and Units.


Dragon Awards
Dragon Award

Dragon Awards are open to Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Network Members and adult members of Scouting and are designed to encourage participants to camp in as many different settings as possible. Please note, it is not open to Cubs or Beavers. Record Cards for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Dragon Awards, may be downloaded from the downloads section below, where you will also find a complete copy of the rules.

Please note that:

  • The rules for the awards changed on 1st March 2019
  • Badge prices have also increased to £1.65 for the Bronze and Silver and £2.50 for Gold (the Gold includes a Certificate).

When attempting the Dragon Awards, please keep yourself abreast of the up to date rules.
Please send your completed cards with the fee to ACC (Scouts) to arrange for the badge once it is completed.

Dragon Awards - meeting the challenge during the Coronavirus Covid-19 Stay At Home restrictions

The Government requires everyone where possible to stay at home. Consequently, we have relaxed all the Dragon Award requirements covering camping in the back garden or using different locations until restrictions are lifted. Any camp in the back garden will count towards the award.

Where participants still want to actively camp and meet the existing Award requirements, once Government requirements are relaxed, we will allow participants to camp several times in the following months to backfill the months they missed. We will leave it to leader discretion to come up with a suitable alternative.

For the Bronze Award, leaders know their young people best and where circumstances prevent a participant from camping in the back garden, then camping indoors is a good alternative, the challenge could be to perfectly pitch a tent in the house without tent pegs or build their own shelter.

The Silver and Gold Award challenges can include additional activities found in the Great Indoors, developing ScoutsCymru Great Indoors in Wales, and any other local resources.

Examples include:

  • Taking part in a group virtual camp in your garden. You camp in your garden on the same night that other Scouts in your Group camp in their gardens
  • Take part in a national virtual camp in your garden. You camp in your garden on the same night that other Scouts not in your Group camp in their gardens
  • Camp in your garden for 3 nights in a row in a month
  • Build a shelter in your garden and camp in it for a night and make or cook breakfast outside

If you are doing the Gold Award and want to undertake some new Stay at Home challenges, please contact ScoutsCymru by emailing admin@scoutscymru.org.uk with your Stay at Home Dragon Award plan. We can agree your Stay at Home challenges that best fits your local circumstances with you.

We are asking everyone who comes up with a fantastic Stay at Home idea for the Dragon Award to let us know, so we can share it with everyone

ScoutsCymru have announced that the requirements for the Bronze Dragon Award regarding camping at home will be relaxed indefinitely until Scouting returns to normal. Therefore Scouts may camp in their gardens for as many times as necessary. Some young people because of home circumstances will not be able to camp outdoors and we will leave it to leader discretion to come up with a suitable alternative.

More updates will be added as they appear