What is Scouting?

The Scout Section is for young people, aged between 10½ and 14 years.

As members of a Scout Troop, they usually meet once a week with other outdoor activities arranged at weekends and other times during the year. Scouts are encouraged to take part in an awards scheme through a number of challenges leading up to the Chief Scout's Gold Award, the highest award available in the age group.

If you would like to know more about the fun, challenge and adventure of becoming a Scout - just contact the Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) for the Scout Section, who will be pleased to give you details of Troops near you.
The ACC (Scouts) can be contacted by using the Contact Form on the website.

Each Scout Troop has its own leadership team who usually meet together with other Troops from their District to coordinate local activities. As a County, the ACC (Scouts) holds regular meetings with the Assistant District Commissioners (ADCs) from each District within Derbyshire. They get together to coordinate events and share best practice.

Working together in this way helps us to deliver a quality programme, which is challenging, relevant and rewarding and creates a platform for sharing new ideas. Sample programmes can be found in the Scouts downloads Programme Plans folder

We publish our County Calendar of events following the meeting and this is then updated accordingly.

Gyles WrenACC Scouts

County Cooking Competition

Districts are invited to enter a representative team to compete in the 2023 competition to be held at 15th Matlock Scout HQ, Matlock Green on Saturday 11th March.
You can find a booking form on the downloads section at the bottom of this page

Each team will have to prepare and cook a meal for two people to consist of a starter, main course and a dessert – the dessert can either be made at home beforehand and brought to the competition or made on site. The meal must also include two sauces e.g. gravy, cheese sauce, custard etc.

The theme for this year’s competition is Asia on a Budget. Teams will research and produce a good and filling 3 course meal on a budget limited to £12.


Chilly Challenge

Chilly Challenge 2023 is well and truly underway with some camps at very low temperatures indeed. It is an award open to Scouts, Explorers and Adults in Derbyshire, which takes place during the month of January or February.

All you need to gain the award is to camp outside any night during the month. Contact your ADC Scouts or, in their absence, your DC to obtain your badges.

Dragon Awards
Dragon Award

Dragon Awards are open to Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Network Members and adult members of Scouting and are designed to encourage participants to camp in as many different settings as possible. Please note, it is not open to Cubs or Beavers

Record Cards for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Dragon Awards, may be downloaded from the downloads section below, where you will also find a complete copy of the rules but when attempting the Dragon Awards

Please keep yourself abreast of the up to date rules by visiting https://scoutscymru.org.uk/what/badges/ and send your completed cards to admin@scoutscymru.org.uk