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Be prepared...... to have fun!

Welcome to the Beaver pages on the Derbyshire County Website.

I hope these pages will help to tell you more about Beaver Scouts in general as well as what they are doing in Derbyshire. If you need to contact me to find out more about anything to do with Beaver Scouting then please use the contact form on the website.

Amanda GriffithsACC Beavers

What are Beaver Scouts?

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Beaver Scouts are the youngest members of the Scouting family. They are boys and girls aged 6-8 years. They usually meet each week in a Beaver Scout Colony.

During their time in the Colony , Beaver Scouts will play games, make things, listen to stories and learn about themselves, their community and the world around us.

Hopefully this will include parties, visits, meeting interesting people and even a Beaver Scout Sleepover, usually held in an approved Scout Group Headquarters.

Most of all Beaver Scouts (and their leaders and helpers) have FUN!

How do I join Beaver Scouts?


If you are not already involved in Beavers and would like to take part in the fun of Scouting either as a Beaver Scout, or as an adult Leader or helper, please feel free to contact the Assistant County Commissioner for the Beavers section, who will be pleased to give you details of Colony near you.

If she doesn't know all the answers she will know someone who does!

The ACC (Beavers) can be contacted by using the contact form on the website

Beaver Scouting in Derbyshire

We have over 2000 Beaver Scouts in Derbyshire meeting each week, mostly during term time. Each Beaver Scout Colony is a member of a Scout Group. Each Scout Group is a member of a District and there are 15 districts in Derbyshire!.

Furry Fred

Most Districts have a person who is responsible for supporting the Beaver Scout Leadership teams in their District. These people are called an ADC (Assistant District Commissioner) or a DBSL (District Beaver Scout Leader).

All the ADCs (and DBSLs) meet together about 3 times a year to keep in touch with what is happening in the Beaver Scout world, both nationally and within Derbyshire.

Furry Fred

We are very proud to have our own County mascot "Furry Fred". Here is a picture of him:

He joined the County in 1995 and has featured at our County events for Beaver Scouts. Every few years he and his friends (the ADCs) get together to plan a County Fun Day especially for Beaver Scouts. They are called a "Beaver Scout Bonanza". Our next Beaver Scout Bonanza (No 6) will be held on 6th July 2014 and will feature the continents as "Furry Fred Goes Global".

Furry Fred's County Challenge + Badges

To help us start to on our Global adventures, Furry Fred has set the Derbyshire colonies a County Challenge from September 2013. All colonies are invited to travel to a selection of Countries from around the world over the next 18 months during their Colony meetings and complete a Mission associated with that Country. There are up to three Challenges to complete - Mini, Midi and Mega - each with a wide range of activities to do as well as some of Fred's Global missions too.

Furry Fred goes Global

Every Colony should have received their Challenge pack which includes a map and Colony passport (with stickers) as well as details of the Missions for the leaders and how to apply for the Furry Fred Badges.

To show Colonies are taking part there is a badge available to wear on our uniforms. This is part of the Mini Challenge and Colonies can apply for the badges from September 2013. There is an application form in downloads below. Here's picture of it...

Furry Fred is looking forward to hearing from Colonies as they complete the Mini, Midi and Mega Challenges he has set. There are certificates, gifts and special guests ready to be sent to successful Colonies.

More details about Bonanza 6 and Booking forms for the event will be available from January 2014.

In the meantime - here's a slide show from Bonanza 5 in 2011 to show you what a Bonanza is like!

Support and Resources for Derbyshire Beaver Scout Leaders

Over the last few years, the Derbyshire County Beaver Scout Team (with the help of Mossy - a Beaver Scout leader with some more advanced computer skills!) have been busy creating resources to support leaders and their colonies. Here are the details of what is available and how to access them.

Leaders Guide to Beaver Scout Badges

A Leader's Guide to Beaver Scout Badges

"A Leader's Guide to Beaver Scout Badges" has been created as a handy resource for all Beaver Scout Leaders to allow easy access to Beaver Scout Badge requirements. ( It doesn't include the new badges due in 2015) . It contains the details of most of the badges that can be achieved by Beaver Scouts along with useful links and suggestions.

All the information in the booklet can be found within other resources, but has been compacted into one small booklet for easy reference during planning meetings, colony meetings or just when you are out and about.

Initially published in 2010, "A Leader's Guide..." was distributed FREE to all Beaver Scout Leaders - a few are still available from the ACC Beaver Scouts.

Guide to Beaver Scout Badges

A Guide to Beaver Scout Badges

The Leader's Booklet (mentioned above) complements 'A Guide to Beaver Scout Badges' which was developed and launched in Autumn 2008 to help Beaver Scouts work towards some Beaver Scout Badges outside of their colony meetings.

This Booklet (turquiose cover) is designed to be given to a Beaver Scout at their investiture and provides details of the badges a Beaver Scout can work towards at home such as animal friend, hobbies and IT. It has now been updated for a second print run in 2013.

The Beaver Scout booklet also offers parents an overview of the Beaver Scout Badge system and encourages them to take an active interest in supporting their child and the colony. It deliberately does not include ALL the badges that a Beaver Scout can be awarded. This allows leaders it deliver a flexible programme which covers the necessary requirements at Colony meetings/visits etc.

Ordering Details

If you are interested in obtaining copies of this booklet, which are still only 50p each (plus p+p), order forms are also available below in the 'download' section. Alternatively, you can contact your ADC Beaver Scouts or District Beaver Scout Leader for an order form or apply direct to the ACC Beaver Scouts. Copies are also available at the Derby and Chesterfield Scout Shops - though may cost a little more

Note: Both of these booklets have been developed by 'Mossy', a Beaver Scout Leader in Derbyshire along with the support of fellow leaders and the Derbyshire Beaver Scout ACC

"Mossy's" CD Rom

By popular demand, Mossy has made available all the art work used in her booklets and has expanded the resources on this CD ROM with additional clip art - including Furry Fred images, certificate templates, record cards and other useful printable resources both in colour or black + white as well as a simple spreadsheet to help keep your records on computer.

If you would like a copy, then please contact the ACC Beaver Scouts.


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