What does Hillwalking offer

The information listed here is intended to help Leaders who would like to arrange Hillwalking for their section. It also has information for Leaders/Adults who would like to get involved with this activity.

With a dedicated team of walking enthusiasts, the Derbyshire Hill Walking SASU aid groups looking to improve their navigation skills. The team offer advice for Leaders and Scouts of all ages who are planning to take part in walking activities and can provide routes within Derbyshire for all experience levels.

The instructors are also able to offer ideas for games and activities to help cover topics such as map & compass, Geocaching and GPS. With this the SASU hopes to build the confidence of young people and Leaders to prepare them for outdoor experiences.
• GPS Training
• Geocaching
• Map & compass skills
• T1/T2 walks

Training Opportunities
The team also organise Basic Navigation, as well as Terrain 1 (T1) and Terrain 2 (T2) training courses for leaders, groups and individuals. Contact the team for further information.

Leader Information

Scout HQ has provided this information relating to Hillwalking. It also lists some badges that Hillwalking can count towards.
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  • Scouting is an outdoor organisation. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the time of year.
  • Specifically, for Hillwalking, you will need a good pair of strong shoes, ideally walking boots.
  • When booking, please confirm any specific items you will need to bring with you for this activity.

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Contact Hillwalking SASU to confirm size of group that can be accommodate.

Contact Hillwalking SASU to confirm duration of their activities.

Contact Hillwalking SASU to discuss options for them to visit your group or to meet at a central location.

Costs for this activity varies depending on number of people, how long you request a session for, and the travel costs to support the session.
Contact Hillwalking SASU to discuss costing for this activity.

Additional Information

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Hillwalking does not have an National Governing Body.

Events Hillwalking Team supports

Peak Camp
Spring Bank Camp

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