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Why do International Scouting?

Because it

A young person involved in programme activities from the global (international for Network) programme zone should:

So what is 'Global Scouting'?

Global Awareness is about learning how global issues can affect local, national and international communities. Poverty, the Environment, Peace & Conflict, Disasters, Health, Rights & Globalisation are the major themes here.

Global Movement is about finding out more about Scouting locally, nationally and internationally.

Global Citizen is about enabling and empowering Scouts to make a difference in their world; recognising that Scouts need to make a difference (individually or collectively) in their local, national and international communities

Have you tried these programme ideas?


And don't forget that The Chief Scout's Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Awards; and the Queen's Scout Award all involve working towards global activities.

What about linking with Scouts in Other Countries?

We have Groups in Derbyshire who are linked with Scouts in Germany, Norway and Canada for example. We even have a whole District who are linked with Scouts in the USA. Maybe you are already lucky enough to have a link with an overseas Scout Group.


If not and you are interested in this please contact Shaun Maskrey (ACC International) for more details of the International Links Scheme.

There are two types of links available under the scheme:

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) happen over the same weekend in October every year and are worldwide events. During the weekend, sections normally participate for 48hrs.

Maybe you are thinking of an International trip?

It could be an expedition, camp, travel package, world event or an International Opportunity.
Each year Groups for Derbyshire head overseas for their camps. This year Scout Groups are going to Holland, France and Canada as well as the two Derbyshire contingents (Derwent & Dove) who are heading off to Sweden for the World Jamboree this summer (check out their website:

And don't forget that we have just had our very own International camp so start watching out for Peak 2015.

The International Office at Gilwell publishes International Opportunities every month and this provides information on all forthcoming international events and camps (you can find this on International Opportunities)

If you are thinking of going abroad have a look at fact sheet FS260018, Thinking of Going Abroad.

If you have decided that you are going abroad you need to request the Visits Abroad Folder from me via the Contact Form and then return it 2 months before you go for trips to Europe and 6 months before for trips further afield.

And Finally...

My ACC International Challenges for 2011 (closing date December 31st 2011)

Challenge 1 - The Derbyshire Scout Badge Goes Global

Derby Ram

How many countries in the World can we get the Derbyshire Ram to this year?

All you have to do is send your badge (either the single County Badge or your combined District & County Badge) overseas as many times as possible this year. It could be worn by you on your travels overseas (Scouting trips or your ordinary holidays) or carried in your pocket! Maybe you want to send it to Aunty in Australia or to a Scout Group that you have International Links with.

How creative can you be?

All we need as evidence that your badge has travelled is a photo (which clearly identifies your badge & the country which it has travelled to) which you can send to me & if suitable photographic permissions have been granted then we can publish it on the website. If you can't get hold of a County badge why not use your District/County combined badge or even download the County badge at the bottom of this page.

There will be a prize to the Group that collects the most countries & something for everyone who takes part.

Challenge 2 - Your Group Mascot Goes International

Many of you have some form of mascot, flag or pennant.
Indeed recently, I saw an inflatable lobster that is a member of the Helios Explorer Unit in Chesterfield.

How far can your mascot travel during 2011? Will your Group or Section be the first to win the title (& prize) of "The most travelled Scouting mascot in Derbyshire"?

All you have to do is let me know the mileage & locations that your mascot travels to (again, photo evidence please).

Please keep me up to date and I will let you know who is in the lead each month.

Good luck & let me know of all your International travels. Perhaps you could even use my Challenges for the International Partnership Award.


International Group

In the download section are some more great ideas and background information.

Whatever International Scouting you thinking of doing. Good luck & let me know how it goes.

Shaun MaskreyACC International



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