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What is the Scout Network?

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All members of The Scout Association between 18 & 25 years are members of the Scout Network.
As a member of the Scout Network you could be:

Local Networks, can be based at County, District or Group level. Some may be focused around a specific activity or location, e.g. a Gang Show or an Activity Centre.

Scout Network programmes will reflect the huge variation in Members' interests. Some local Networks will have activities that concentrate on one area of the programme, whilst others will have a wider range. One of the key elements is the opportunity to get away, either under canvas or in other accommodation.

More information...

More information on the Network in Derbyshire can be found at or contact the Network Chairperson by using the Contact form on the website.

Claire GreavesACC Network

Upcoming Events

Tue, 26th September 2017 19:30:00
County Executive Meeting.
Alfreton Fire Station
Wed, 27th September 2017 19:30:00
District Commissioner's meeting.
Conference Call.

conference call.

Sun, 1st October 2017 11:00:00
Dove Canoe Race
Mon, 2nd October 2017 19:30:00
Programme Team meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Wed, 4th October 2017 19:30:00
ADC Cub Scouts Meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Wed, 11th October 2017 19:30:00
Team Meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Sun, 15th October 2017 07:00:00
The Kinder - Extreme & Challenge
Chapel Scout HQ
Tue, 17th October 2017 19:30:00
ACC Explorers Meeting.
Alfreton Fire Station.
Tue, 7th November 2017 19:30:00
Finance Sub Group Meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Thu, 9th November 2017 19:30:00
LTM Meeting
Alfreton Fire Station