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Your support lets us give more young people the best start in life. There are so many ways you can help.
Every little bit raised makes a huge difference - so thank you!

Your generosity will help develop a young person's confidence, sense of self-worth and skills for life through an amazing programme delivered by over 2500 adult volunteers. One off donations or regular giving enables us to address immediate needs and provide long-term support to young people and communities. When you set up a regular donation with us, you become part of a team working to prevent children from feeling isolated, lonely and fearful. You become part of the support to help them develop skills for life and become active citizens within our communities.

What your donation could mean...

Male leader with group of cubs

£10 could...

Fund the cost of a young person's Scout membership for a whole month. The cost is small, but the experience is great. Scouts is so much more than a weekly meeting. Scouts is new friends, new games, new skills.

Scouts canoeing

£25 could...

Fund a young person's Scout activities for a whole month - from camping to canoeing. For a parent living in an area of deprivation, this could be the difference between their families food for a week and their child learning skills for life

Tent with campfire

£100 could...

Fund the cost of a young person's night away experiences for a whole year. A young person living in an urban area of depirvation might never experience the magic of being among mountains and forests. Your donation could make this happen.

Ways to donate

How to donate

There are several ways in which you can make a donation



Please make cheques payable to Derbyshire County Scout Council and send your donation, along with your name and contact details, to:

Derbyshire Scouts
Drum Hill Scout Campsite
Morley Lane
Little Eaton
DE21 5AH

Other ways to donate

Get in touch

Please contact our administrator for more information.

Leaving a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will gives us more room for making the long-term plans and continuous development that's part of our strategy. You could support more young people get the tools, activities and programmes to develop their #SkillsForLife to help them flourish into adulthood. Most people think about helping children's charities while they're alive: however, legacy gifts can have a great impact. Naming Derbyshire Scouts in your Will or Estate planning will secure our future efforts to help children and young people.

There are two main ways of leaving a gift in your will:

  1. Leaving a set sum of money.This is called a pecuniary gift.
  2. Designating a share of what is left of your estate once all costs have been paid. This is called a residuary gift.

Although you don't have to tell us if you've arranged to leave a donation to us in your will, we'd always love to hear from you. Thank you so much if you've already left a gift in your Will.

If you plan to leave a legacy, or have already left a gift, in your Will to Derbyshire Scouts, please complete and return this form.

My legacy pledge to fuel futures of young people

Your Intentions
Your details
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Your support enables Derbyshire Scouts to keep providing young people with essential tools and support so they can learn #SkillsForLife.

Making a Will is important

Wills make it easier for family and friends to settle your affairs, and it provides great comfort to know your loved ones will be looked after when you're not around. Wills also give you control over what happens to your assets and funds so if you're passionate about a cause, you can use your Will to support the cause you care about most.

Because life is full of uncertainties, it makes sense to create a Will as soon as possible, and simply amend and update it every now and then.

Get in touch

To find out more about how your donations make an impact, or select a project or area to support, please get in touch today.
Contact our administrator for more information.

Remembering a loved one

Perhaps your loved one grew up with Scouts - enjoying camping, backwards cooking, exploring and making friends. Maybe your loved one discovered Scouts later in life and shared happy memories as a leader and role model for young people. Perhaps you and your loved one are both passionate about helping young people learn skills for life.

No matter the reason, your support for Derbyshire Scouts make's a huge difference - thank you.

How you're helping

We can't thank you enough for thinking of young people's futures during what may be a difficult time for you. Every donation raised helps more young people to gain the vital skills to help them succeed and live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Your support could fund more Scout groups in deprived areas, create new programmes, or provide essential training for volunteers around Derbyshire. Thank you for making this difference.

Get in touch

To find out more about how your donations make an impact, or select a project or area to support, please get in touch today.
Contact our administrator for more information.

Derbyshire Scouts supports over 8000 children, young people and their families from Derbyshire each year. We work extremely closely with their communities and other local services. Our resources are at capacity most of the time, but demand is growing and we want to provide enough support to all the young people that need our help right across the county.

How We Can Support Your Business?

We welcome help from businesses of all sizes, and like to support you in return. We've outlined a handful of ideas below - but we're open to suggestions.

  • Your logo and profile can be added to our sponsorship web page, with a link to your website.
  • We'll send you news updates, and sponsors are welcome to use some of the stories in their own communications.
  • We give you a certificate for your wall.
  • Our supporters' logo can be included on your website, in your email signature, in your social media content or in any other digital communication.
  • We can arrange to give a presentation at one of your events, or at an event for your peer group.
  • Supporters can place an advertisement in our electronic newsletter.
  • Inclusion in our social media activities.
  • Updates from any specific project(s) you've chosen to support, which you can share.
  • We can provide a supporter's roll-up banner for your premises and to display at events.

Cause-Related Sales & Marketing

If your organisation supports us, we'd be happy to discuss cause-related marketing with you. If you're unfamiliar with the idea, cause-related sales and marketing are beneficial for you because when your competitors' prices, products or services are similar to yours, supporting a charitable cause can give you the edge needed to win a sale.

Charity Of The Year

Making Derbyshire Scouts your charity of the year is a focused and effective method of support. In return, we will help you deliver a programme that will help you engage prospects and your employees. A shared charitable goal often doubles as a team-building exercise because it requires people to work together to achieve it.

Supporting Your Staff

Often staff will become personally interested in a charity their employer supports, and want to contribute through fundraising activities. We will always show our gratitude to any of your staff who support us.

Get in touch

If you're thinking about supporting us through your business or a different type of organisation and would like to discuss the options, please contact our administrator or call 01332 831233.

Privacy Policy

Derbyshire Scouts is committed to meeting our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and ensuring the privacy and security of all personal information. For full details on our data retention policy and Privacy Policy, please visit our Privacy page