Top Awards for Young People

There are Top Awards to be gained in each section from the Chief Scout’s Acorn Award as a Squirrel Scout to completing the King’s Scout Award before you reach the age of 25 years.

The requirements for each Award can be found on the Scouts website or just ask your leader for more information.

Chief Scout's Acorn Award


Chief Scout's
Acorn Award

Chief Scout's Bronze Award


Chief Scout's
Bronze Award

Chief Scout's Silver Award


Chief Scout's
Silver Award

Chief Scout's Gold Award


Chief Scout's
Gold Award

Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members can work towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) as part of their Scouting programme. To find out more information visit the DofE website or the Derbyshire Scouts DofE support page.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
Chief Scout's Platinum Award
Chief Scout's Diamond Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

Chief Scout’s Platinum and Diamond Awards

Completion of a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award contributes to the requirements for the Chief Scout’s Platinum and Diamond Awards and also the King’s Scout Award.

The King’s Scout Award is the top achievement for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members. It comprises a number of different challenges and is closely linked with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.

King's Scout Award

If you are interested in undertaking your King’s Scout Award, please visit the Scouts website for more information and contact the ACC Top Awards ( so that we can support you along your journey.

Other Awards which can be gained as an Explorer Scout or Scout Network member are:

Young Leader Award

Young Leader Award
(Explorer Only)

Explorer Belt Award

Explorer Belt Award
(Explorer and Network)

Scouts of the World Award

Scouts of the World Award
(Network only)

More information regarding the requirements for each award and the process for signing them off can be found on the Scouts website.
Leaders can also contact the ACC Top Awards if they require additional support or have any queries regarding the process (please note that there are specific requirements for Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and the Explorer Scout and Scout Network Award sign-offs).

Celebration of Achievement

In order for us to celebrate who has completed their Top Awards, please can a leader complete the form below for each young person of Scout age and above.

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