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What is Cub Scouting?

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To be a Cub Scout, you must be aged between 8 and 10 and a half years of age. You will join a group of boys & girls who meet in a Scout Groups Headquarters where you will work & play in teams called "Sixes". When you meet together, it is called a pack meeting. All Cubs wear a uniform and the evenings are organised  by leaders and parent helpers.

There are loads of fun things that you can do as a Cub Scout. You will get a chance to try lots of different activities such as outdoor and fitness challenges, swimming, music, exploring, computing and creative collecting. If you do them really well (the best that you can do), you can earn badges which you can wear on your uniform.

Cub Scouts also get to go on trips and days out, to places like the zoo, theme parks or a farm. Sometimes you will be able to go camping with the rest of your Pack. This will mean you sleeping in a tent and doing loads of outdoor activities.

How do I join Cub Scouts?


If you are not already involved in Cubs and would like to take part in the fun of Scouting either as a Cub Scout, or as an adult Leader or helper, please feel free to contact the Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) for the Cubs section, who will be pleased to give you details of Pack near you.

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The ACC (Cubs) can be contacted by using the Contact form on the website

Simon GrowcottACC Cubs

Upcoming Events

Mon, 30th April 2018 19:30:00
Programme Team meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Tue, 1st May 2018 19:30:00
Finance Sub Group Meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Tue, 8th May 2018 19:30:00
ADC Beaver Scout Meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Wed, 9th May 2018 19:30:00
County Executive Meeting
Alfreton Fire Station
Thu, 10th May 2018 19:30:00
County Commissioner's meeting.
Conference call

conference call

Sat, 12th May 2018 09:00:00
Drum Hill Campsite
Mon, 21st May 2018 19:30:00
County Appointment Advisory Committee
Fri, 25th May 2018 18:30:00
Spring Bank Camp
Drum Hill Campsite

Spring Bank Camp at Drum Hill

Join the largest annual event in the Derbyshire Scouting Calendar.

Bookings open early 2018 at

This years theme is Medieval.

Fri, 15th June 2018 18:00:00
24th World Scout Jamboree Training Weekend - Camp 2.
Wed, 20th June 2018 18:00:00
County Annual General Meeting
Drum Hill Campsite