Pioneering Location and Costs

We can travel to any venue, anywhere in the county. Costs for this activity varies depending on the number of people and the length of the session you request. Costs are calculated to recover the travel expenses and any consumable items.

Please contact us (see the link below) with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Contact and frequently asked questions

Question Answer
How can I arrange Pioneering for my section? How do I book this?

I'm afraid we currently do not have an on-line booking option for this activity.
Click Pioneering Team to contact the Pioneering team and ask them how to book a session.

How do I contact the Pioneering SASU to ask them any questions or ask how I can get involved? Click Pioneering Team to contact the Pioneering SASU
If you want to join the Pioneering team, then we will train you in skills and techniques so you can play a full part in our team. No previous experience necessary, you just need plenty of enthusiasm and energy!
I've got a technical question about Pioneering, who should I contact for advice and support? Click Pioneering Team to contact the County Pioneering advisor. They will be able to help you with any technical or Scouting related questions.
Where can I find out the current fact sheets and Scouting policies, relating to Pioneering? Pioneering is not classed as an activity by UK Scouting. Unfortunately, there is no single place we can point you to.
However, Scouting UK still has lots of useful information.
Click here to find out how to successfully plan a Pioneering session.
What is the National Governing Body (NGB) for Pioneering?

Pioneering does not have an NGB.

Events Pioneering Team supports

Peak Camp
Spring Bank Camp

Additional Information

No additional information is currently available for Pioneering activity.

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