What does Pioneering offer

The Pioneering SASU is a team of people who can offer support and skills for small or large Pioneering projects.

What is Pioneering? In Scouting, Pioneering is the skill of making structures using ropes and wooden poles/spars. The poles are joined by rope lashing / knots to make a finished structure. Common items that constructed vary from small camp gadgets (washstand, pot drainer) to much larger structures like gateways, bridges or towers. Pioneering is a very historical skill and its history can be traced all the way back to the start of the Scout movement.

The Pioneering SASU offers Scout Groups the opportunity to take part in large and small pioneering projects. There is a selection of poles and ropes available at the Drum Hill Camp Site. The instructors will encourage young people from all sections to work as a team on both indoor & outdoor projects with all the equipment provided at a location of your choice.

We can also run a session for Leaders to get them more confident with Pioneering projects and help learning different knots, lashing and rope handling skills.

Example Projects
• Mini raft building with canes, pop bottles and string
• Catapults with broom handles, 5mm lashings and plastic bowls
• Larger projects including towers, gateways, bridges, trebuchets

For further information on the pioneering projects or to place a booking, please contact the team using the details below.

Leader Information

Scout HQ has provided this information relating to Pioneering. It also lists some badges that Pioneering can count towards.
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  • Scouting is an outdoor organisation. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the time of year.
  • If the activity is taking place outdoors, wear boots or wellies and ensure you have waterproofs, just in case!
  • Good strong footwear (ideally boots) must be worn and must fully cover the foot. No opened toed shoes (Crocs, sandals, etc.).
  • When booking, please confirm any specific items you will need to bring with you for this activity.

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Costs for this activity varies depending on number of people, how long you request a session for, and the materials being used.
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Additional Information

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There are no specific rules for this activity.
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Pioneering does not have an National Governing Body.

Events Pioneering Team supports

Peak Camp
Spring Bank Camp

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