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These pages are dedicated to the range of activities offered by Derbyshire Scouts. We hope you find the information you require. If you don't, please contact the ACC Activities.

Scouting offers a huge range of activities and events. These range from Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI), adventerous activities such as Caving, Climbing, Canoeing etc and to traditional Scout pioneering and map & compass skills.

In Derbyshire we have a number of Scout Activity centres and Campsites along with a number of activity Advisors. Please see the links below to help you in your quest to find an activity.

Nick CowardACC Activities

Online Permit Application

Complete this form to apply for an activity permit.
Once submitted, the information is sent to the Manager of Activity Permits (MAPS) at Derbyshire County Scouts.

Shortly after completing this form, you will receive a confirmation email. Check the information in this email carefully. If there is any mistake, you must contact the MAPS to get this corrected. You should reply to this email sending attachments (e.g. certificates, log books) to support your application. Simply reply to the confirmation email (do not change the subject {title} line), and attach your files and then press send.

Please take care when completing this form. If you make any errors, your application may be cancelled.

Note: You will require your Scout membership number and to know which permit you are applying for.
Under 18s do not have a Scout membership number, in which case plesae enter "999999" as your membership number. This only applies to under 18s.


Activity Permits
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
First Aid
Team Leader(s)
Kite Sports
Paddle Sports
Team Leader(s)
Team Leader(s)
Scout Shows
Tomahawk Throwing

Activities Directory

A new version of the Derbyshire Scout Activity Directory is now available

Following the success of previous booklets, we have produced an updated electronic version containing all of the latest information for Activity contacts and events in Derbyshire. As Derbyshire Scouting continues to grow and thrive, we are excited to see our Active Support Units doing the same. Over the past few years we have seen several new Activity Support Units to add to our existing portfolio of Teams.

We hope that this information will inspire you to make use of the wealth of activities and support on your doorstep as we prepare young people with skills for life

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young people aged 14-25, regardless of gender, background or ability.

Derbyshire is looking to appoint divisional advisors for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme. If you have any queries please contact the County DofE Team. More details can be found at /dofe or at

Contacts & Links

ACC Activities Nick Coward
Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme Debbie Steeples
Nights Away Permit Manager Mark Rushworth
Archery Steve Nunn, Tim Roast
Biking Paul Gant
Caving Nick Coward
Climbing Adam Mitchell
Diving & Snorkelling Andrew Fretter
Hill Walking Gyles Wren
Kite Sports Shaun Cook
Pioneering Paddy Riley
Sailing Jean Roulinson, Mike Stoker, Vince Cooper
Shooting Phil Leivers
Water Activities Matt Davenport