What does Climbing offer

The information listed here is intended to help Leaders who would like to arrange Climbing for their section. It also has information for Leaders/Adults who would like to get involved with this activity.

As they say, a picture (or in this case a video) tells a thousand words. Turn up the volume and watch our introductory video. This will give you good overview of what the Climbing activities team can offer.

Climbing can be provided for all Scouting sections. Use the contact link below, to contact the Climbing team and find out what we offer.
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We run our sessions at a number of different locations. We are equally at home running a climbing session at a Gritstone crag in the Peak District, fine tuning skills, on an indoor climbing wall or anything else involving harnesses, helmets, ropes, and heights!
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If you would like to help out with the climbing team, regardless of if you are already trained or not, then simply use the contact section below to contact us and we will get back to you and discuss how to progress.
If you are already trained and hold and NGB certificate and you want to apply for your Adventurous Activity permit, then click here to complete your permit application.

Leader Information

Scout HQ has provided this information relating to Climbing. It also lists some badges that Climbing can count towards.
Click here to view all information.
Click here for images and reviews from recent climbing sessions.


Ensure you wear clothes suitable for being outdoors in the peak district, all day. This may include: waterproofs, warm clothing and sunhats.
Sturdy closed toe footwear should be worn, you may have to walk in to the crag depending on location.
Bring enough food and drink to sustain you for the period of the activity.
If you wear shorts, they must be at least knee length.
Long hair must be tied back.

Click here to contact the Climbing SASU.

Click here to start the booking process for this activity.

Group sizes can be between 6 and 15.
If you are unable to fill all available places please invite other sections or groups in the district to maximise use of volunteer time.
Our ideal group size is 12.

Sessions are usually 3 hours in duration, either 09:00-12:00 or 12:30-15:30.
You can book half a day or the whole day.

Click here to view all the climbing locations, via Google Maps.
We can travel to any location in the county. However, this limits the activities we can offer. Many of our activities only take place at specific locations in the County.
Contact Climbing SASU to discuss options for them to visit your group or to meet at a central location.



2024 Prices
Per Person

2025 Prices
Per Person

After Session

Climbing, Half Day




=(number on session X £12)-{Deposit} £72

Crate Stacking




=(number on session X £12)-{Deposit} £72

Additional Information

We welcome new members to our team and this includes Young Leaders. We will provide all necessary training. Please use the contact link to get in touch with us. We can assess and renew permits, again get in touch for this.
Click here for more information relating to Climbing instructor/coach qualifications.


Click Climbing Team to contact the County Climbing advisor.

Click here to view POR relating to Climbing.
Click here to view POR relating to High Ropes activity.

Click here to view all the Factsheets relating to Climbing. It also lists some badges that Climbing can count towards.
Alternatively click here for the full list of Activities and select the one you would like.

British Mountaineering Council. Click here to visit their web site.

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